Perfect flow for success
Take your career to the next level!

Are you struggling to hit your targets at work?

Are you experiencing barriers preventing you from reaching the next level?

Are you a business owner and feel like your company needs a push to grow and improve efficiency?

If you want to sell more products and services, hit your career goals or want an overall boost to your

business, Christine Heckel`s Life Flow method can help you.

The Life Flow Method by Christine Heckel

Transformational tutoring with Christine Heckel works to the break barriers preventing you from seeing success with your business or achieving your professional goals. Progress on your journey to growth and reach new heights in your profession! Everything starts to….flow

Reach your
business goals

Find a technique to
manage stress

Promote positivity
and improved
wellbeing at work

Change the
energy around you or your

your sales

How does it work?


Using a mix of ancient Eastern wisdom and modern science, your business can benefit from

the Life Flow Method by Christine Heckel.


Progress in your career, hit your targets or simply feel energised and more positive. Following the Life Flow Method with Christine will connectyou with you vision for success

Team building

Ignite the spark in your company with a team session. Add a sense of balance and energy which can attract new leads, motivate staff and help them to reach their full potential.

Cleanse your business

Cleanse and charge the energy around your business, to attract new leads and get better results! Drive balance, release “stuck” energy and everything will flow.

Price for one-to-onse sessions – special 3 session package


To achieve the best results, we recommend this special 3 session package.

You can attend the sessions in person, over Skype, on Zoom or Via Whatsapp.

Session 1

The forst session will introduce the process. You will already see results but to consolidate the benefits the complete 3 sessions are recommended.
(Duration up to 2 hours)

Session 2

The second session should take place around 2 to 3 weeks later for best results.

(Duration 1.5 hours)

Session 3

The third session should take place 2 weeks later (after the second session) for best results.

(Duration 1 hour)

Special price for this package is 400€ ex. IVA

Follow up sessions are recommended to keep up to speed and always achieved the best results and to see lasting changes.
Price per hour: 120€ ex.IVA

Prices for team session

please contact us for the full information about our team sessions.

About Christine

With a background in Human Resources, Christine is well equipped to succesfully led people through growth and transformation in business.
As a pioneer in “awareness” work and leading a healthy, mindful lifestyle, Christine understands that everyone at some stage is seeking a deeper understanding of their feelings within the workplace and would like to drive a change.
Christine uses various techniques to help unconcious mind, building bridges between the present and your vision.


“I cannot begin to convey just how powerful these sessions are with Christine Heckel. I recently had my second session and yet again it proved life changing. The results and the effects and the changes continue to occur for months afterwards and so I’m looking forward to discovering what else this second session will bring over time. Thank you so much, Christine, you’ve made such a positive difference to my life.”

Lucy, Marketing Consultant, Redline Company.

“Christine has improved my results at work over a series of Life Flow sessions. She helped me to keep up my morale in the most difficult times. Christine carefully listens to you and delivers quick results!”

Benjamin L, Real Estate Agent.


“It is amazing working with Christine and the Tibetan bowls. She has helped both me and my company a lot. I can only recommend her. It is not only beneficial for your private life but also for your business as it can move the energy in the right direction.”

Line Lyster, Owner, Redline Company

“I am writing this testimonial as Christine has been one of most important “forces” in the transformation of my professional career. She has been my mentor and I very much appreciate her deep knowledge and sincere integrity.

It would have been easier for some coaches/mentors to just go along, but Christine provided the leadership I needed to press forward. As a result, I now have a greater willingness to stand up tall and strong for what I believe are the best strategies in situations throughout my work.
Christine will be a part of my life as I continue to grow in my professional and personal lives.”

Rosa Gonzalez Garcia. HR manager, Malaga

“You are brilliant and caring!?
There is no one else I would recommend for guiding people & businesses toward their life balance!✨
Thank you for being my mentor and my inspiration!”

Mihaela Giurgea, Holistic Guide